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darren puscas | web peace of mind

I’m passionate about helping NGO, arts, & labour clients eliminate their website “pain points” and strengthen their web presence. I’ll help get you on the right track and relieve some of the stress you feel about your web presence and strategy so you can focus on your own work. I love managing projects for clients and solving their web problems.

I focus my work on WordPress site audits, “peace of mind” plans, and full site redesigns.

For me, this work isn’t only about making a living – it is also about finding opportunities to build capacity for organizations fighting to make change in the world. I see the web as a crucial platform for your communication on key issues, so I work tirelessly to ensure the your information is as findable, valuable, manageable, and shareable as possible.

WordPress site audits

There are many points of anxiety for WordPress site owners around questions such as “Is my website secure?”, “How will people find it?”, & “How do I build a following?”

For a one-time fee, I will analyze your design, content, promotion, & security, make recommendations for changes, & implement priority improvements.

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Peace of mind plans

A website is a work in progress and will only be successful if it is kept up-to-date, is visible, and contains valuable content your users need. And that’s a lot of work.

Put your mind at ease. I offer three monthly plans for technical, content, strategic, & promotional support to take care of some of the heavy lifting and shift your site from anxiety to asset.

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Design & Development

I can also help your organization with a full website redesign. I’ve been building websites and and web functionality for over 10 years, including full-time for the past four (recent work). I focus on WordPress site and theme development, but I also have experience with Nationbuilder and other web platforms. I have developed a wide-variety of skills in this time and can help you build a strong membership following or customer base.

If you are looking for a full redesign of your site, please fill out my client input & intake form so I can get to know your specific needs a little better. I’m quite busy and I know your time is extremely valuable, so filling out this form will help me start to assess your needs and to determine if we are likely to be a good fit to work together. I’ll get back to you promptly!


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